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  1. Slava_berest
    Slava_berest DyNaMiTe
    NakuReNui 4eL ...... unban please
  2. Slava_berest
    Slava_berest DyNaMiTe
    почему меня забанили.........................why was I banned ...
  3. M.D.7.T
    which rank ?
  4. M.D.7.T
  5. nuke
    nuke M.D.7.T
    md how much does the admin cost?
  6. nuke
  7. sulaiman
    sulaiman M.D.7.T
    i got banned from black ops 2 free for all server for no reason claiming that i was cheating
    i want to get unbanned please
    there is no proof that i was cheating
    server name is AG FFA stock maps from black ops 2
  8. Toast
  9. Toast
    Toast M.D.7.T
    HI M.D.7.T every thing cool?
    And pls see my unban request
  10. nuke
    nuke M.D.7.T
    Why did I leave the AFK for 5 minutes and was banned for always?
  11. nuke
    nuke Kingus
    unban me pls
  12. Kadhim1998
    Kadhim1998 M.D.7.T
    hi m.d.7.t Why am I banned from servers AG
  13. pedricox
  14. StasBareckiy
    StasBareckiy M.D.7.T
    Please unban me. Someone reports me for nothing when I was playing as survivor and suddenly i got kicked (permanent ban - reason you was afk as infected).
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  15. Khan
    @Ruz there is a section of application.You need to go there and maintain a format to apply for member.
  16. nthieuxjk
    nthieuxjk M.D.7.T
    Thuốc bôi trĩ Protolog được biết là thuốc dùng để chữa các loại bệnh hậu môn, trực tràng được sử dụng phổ biến hiện nay. Tuy nhiên có rất nhiều bệnh nhân vẫn chưa biết là thuốc gì? Có thật sự hiệu quả không? Để tìm hiểu về vấn đề này, bạn đọc có thể tham khảo thêm bài viết ngay sau đây.
  17. spotter
    spotter M.D.7.T
    Bosse, as I am not allowed to answer where the suggestion to change the clan name was created, I reslvi send here my name suggestion to the clan.
  18. Ruz
    How to apply
  19. Johnatan Price
    Johnatan Price M.D.7.T
    MD7.T good evening.
    I want to ask you to unblock me. I regret my actions on the infection server (exit being infected), please unblock me. And yet, I want to know why you can get a permanent ban on the servers
  20. MrGenux
    MrGenux M.D.7.T
    hey MD7T can you unbann me from infected mod server , someone banned me , i didnt use any hack , he say me : u have permantly banned from this server reason : wh + aimbot and i dont have any hack ........... Pls solve this problem my name : Drosbig , Id : 16889